Nonviolent resistance to support professional practices with foster families, families and schools

Target group: Professionals who work with foster families, although the approach is also applicable for professionals who work with families in general, schools and the broader society.

Objectives: The nonviolent resistance (NVR) approach has been adapted to help foster parents, parents, and teachers cope with violent, self-destructive and other forms of disruptive behaviour in children and adolescents. (more…)


Love, power and violence

Target group: professionals

“Save the Children” staff from different countries, counterpart professional organizations, Ministry of education, health professional, managers, Interior and Social Affairs schools, psychologists, social workers and educators of social personnel services, networks support police units for minors, directors of the Demunas (municipal child ombudsmen), journalists and media.


The main objective of these workshops are to sensitize the participants on the effects of physical and humiliating punishment on children; as well as the need of its eradication, promotion of an effective education and a discipline not violent to the boys and girls. (more…)

Baby and father

Grow happy in family

Target group: Families that have children between 0 to 5 years, that require a support in their education.

Objectives: 1. Strengthen the relationship and interaction with children. 2 promote the knowledge of children and the promotion of appropriate response. 3. Establishment of educational guidelines right and organization of daily life.4. Reflect on the perceptions and powers that have the parents on their educator role. 5 Promote protective factors and reduce risk. (more…)